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Build a sophisticated Inventory Management solution capable of efficiently handling ordering, storing, tracking, and controlling inventory. Ensure optimal stock levels to minimize costs and maximize efficiency, ensuring products are available precisely when needed.

Build world class business applications.
So you can focus on your customers.

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Develop a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management system that enables you to efficiently manage, track, and analyze interactions and relationships with your customers. The aim is to enhance customer retention and drive significant growth in sales.
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Create a comprehensive HR System to efficiently manage all aspects of human resources throughout the employee lifecycle. From recruitment and onboarding to payroll, performance management, and offboarding, ensure seamless processes and enhanced employee experience.
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Create a sophisticated Accounting and Billing System capable of efficiently managing your finances. Ensure that your financial records remain accurate and compliant with regulations by meticulously tracking expenses, revenue, and facilitating seamless invoicing processes.

The only AI tool that
makes your design system bionic

Upload your existing design system from Figma and start building with AI straight away.

Uitilize your company's existing design system to build web apps that align perfectly with your look and feel, and are usable. You can even use the biggest design system out there from SAP, Microsoft, Salesforce, and more.

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Don’t change your toolchain, make it better. Semanttic slides into your existing workflow.

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Enhance your designs by exporting them to Figma, empowering you to fine-tune and achieve your desired look with precision.

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Semanttic Figma Plugin

Enhance your designs by exporting them to Figma, empowering you to fine-tune and achieve your desired look with precision.


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