Use your design system.
Or use ours.

Stop spending so much time on design system documentation and get people actually building products. Semanttic makes your design system bionic and enables your colleagues to build new products with your components and tokens. And they don't even have to open Figma to do it.

Use your design system

Struggling to take the next step with your internal design system? 

Semanttic activates it with AI to make it more accessible to non-designers in your company.

Use ours

And by ours we mean some of the biggest names in Enterprise: SAP, Salesforce, IBM, Microsoft, and more are coming.

Our supported UI frameworks will continue to expand, and unlike your local bar band: we take requests.

Prototyping assistance

Generate. Curate.

It's a new workflow that is going to not only make you faster but help unlock your more innovative ideas

Generate ux flows


After you tell Semanttic your idea, or need you have, for a business application and it has created it, you will likely want to iterate it further.

This is where generation comes into play. You can regenerate whole new applications, individual screens or even the user stories.


Semanttic's workflow means you iterate your concept by curating different versions. This enables you to get to scope faster than you currently do today.

curate your best ux concepts

Any screen. Seriously.

Semanttic's multi-screen support means you can use it for prototyping applications that are difficult today, like automotive. It's also a great tool for prototyping multiscreen experiences holistically.

Mobile & Web

Out of the box, Semanttic allows you to quickly prototype across the two most widely used application types: mobile and web.

Everything else

Semanttic has been built from the beginning to adapt to any screen capable of displaying a graphical user interface.

Screens are used in automotive, manufacturing, consumer electronics, and more. Semanttic can be configured to support any of these and more when you become an Enterprise customer.


Export as code.

While we're pretty proud of our Figma Plugin that allows you to export your projects as layered files, we're also really excited to enable developers to export code straight from Semanttic.

JSON / React / Angular

If you're a developer building without a designer, then Semanttic gets you back into code faster than ever with better results.

After building our your application and the user stories, you can export to code directly and iterate from there. It's like working with a designer who also knows how to code.

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